Ampeg Backlit Neon Sign


Ampeg Backlit Neon Sign
Ampeg Backlit Neon Sign
560.00 ___________________ € 677.60 including VAT
Manufacturer AMPEG
Article codeNEON
This Ampeg backlit neon sign is the perfect for Home, studio, practice space or man-cave.
Ever supplied exclusively to authorized Ampeg dealers, these neon signs are very rare to find.
Can be used on tabletop, hanging by chain (chain not included) or wall mount,

There are some minor traces of aging on the mirror visible, but further in fine working condition.
Unfortunately without the original shipping box.
The dimensions are approximately 22.5" height x 20" width.

Transformer Model: EH-9030
Input: 230V 50 Hz - 0,6A
Output: 6365 Volt 18-22 Khz 30mA
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