In order to guarantee the smooth functioning of our technical service, we are forced to take a number of measures.


  • All repairs must be first reported to us via the online RMA form.
    After receipt of your RMA number, you can deliver the product via courier, or to our warehouse desk.
  • Repairs must always be delivered to us in sturdy, suitable packaging.
    Preference is given to the original packaging of the product.
    This is to avoid transport damage during shipment and return shipment.
    All products travel at your own risk. We are not responsible for any shipping damage.

  • The defective product must be accompanied by a document with your contact details and clear error description.
    The RMA number must be clearly noted on the box.
    Without suitable packaging and/or RMA number we will refuse the product upon delivery.


  • If a price quotation has to be drawn up for the repair, a fixed rate of €45 will be charged.
    This cost will always be charged even if the repair is not approved.
  • Price quotations are valid for 15 working days (3 weeks) counting from the date the price quotation was sent.
    In the meantime, you will receive reminders via email, If this period is exceeded without any response,
    the device will be returned unrepaired after payment of the fix handling cost from €45 and the return shipping costs that will be invoiced.


  • The hourly rate for out-of-warranty repairs is €49/hour.
    In addition, a minimum working time of 20 minutes will be charged per repair and € 18 as fixed handling costs.
    (When requesting a price quote before repair, the handling costs will be rated to € 45)


  • If your product is still under warranty, then DO NOT OPEN IT contact your reseller or distributor for further information.
  • All EU distributors have different warranty rules depending of your sales country, best option is to contact them first.

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